What is Wrong With Global Monetary System?












The global debt crisis has been the one news story that has dominated the news throughout 2011 and shows no sign of leaving the headlines.Today, the world is shaken by a tremendous financial crisis and millions of people feel thrown into fear, uncertainty and doubt. Politicians and bankers are eagerly looking for solutions, but whatever countermeasures they might come up with, these will not have lasting effects, they may just offer relief for a while. The crisis is a symptom and dealing with the symptom will not remove the root cause.

In The Money Syndrome, author Helmut Creutz turns the clock back a century to reveal that the crisis is nothing new and neither is the way out of it, as he argues for a method towards a market economy free from crises.The Money Syndrome lucidly describes mechanisms and processes in the circulation sphere of financing. It presents an inventory of effects that result from a basic flaw in the world monetary system. Understanding the root cause of quite a number of undesireable effects opens the prospect for solutions. The solution was first proposed almost a hundred years ago but it was not understood. We need this solution for our planet and for the sake of future generations.

The basic problem was discovered and fully described by a man named Silvio Gesell and renowned economists such as John Maynard Keynes and Irving Fisher have not only acknowledge his findings, but endorsed his proposals for a solution. Helmut Creutz spent 12years researching The Money Syndrome, which was first published in Germany in 1993. It has since been translated into a number of different languages, and is now available in English. He said: "I hope that social activists, environmentalists, and economists will gain new insisghts when reading the book. My work illustrate that systematic error inherent in our monetary system prevail. These must be removed to effectively promote social justice and environmental sustainanbility."

Born in 1923, the former company manager and freelance architect has been an economic analyst since 1982. Since 1980 Helmut Creutz has held more than 600 public lectures, and published many articles in magazines and newspapers.

In 1990 he accepted a teaching position at the University of Kassel and over the years he has been suggested for the Alternative Nobel Prize on several occasions.

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